Why Do People break Traffic Rules and Regulations in India? A Thought

traffic rules in India

We start off with a sad but important fact, our country is the accident capital of the world, how did we become no 1 in this list, a simple thought that comes our mind, most of ignore the most basic traffic rules, why is that, let’s discuss it a bit.

let’s discuss the problem, we have a thought on it;

Traffic rules in our country are frequently broken and ignored. You step out of your home, you see riders on the wrong side of the lane. The sheer amount of life-threatening close call experiences faced by people of our country does not bode well for safety measures adopted by the authorities.

How did we get here? Why are people so ignorant and care less about the dangers on the road, they put their lives at risk, as well as others?

We think Two major thoughts prevail here;

One thought is, Half of the people don't follow the traffic rules since they see others ignoring them.

Our assessment is the problems stems from the combination of two thoughts, in the initial years of our upbringing, we as kids or youngsters see others violating traffic rules and getting away with it, this makes us follow the same path. A deadly combo of “Bad Habits” and “getting away with it” creates this awful problem. This problem negates the fact that, traffic laws in India are strict but most people are ignorant of them. For these people, let us list some violations and fines, according to the traffic laws in India, driving without Seatbelt – Fine has increased from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1000. Driving without a Valid License – Proposed fine of Rs. 5000 and/or imprisonment for up to 3 months. A vehicle without RC Book (Registration Certificate) – Rs. 2000. Even though the laws are in place, the general lack of awareness and “the getting away with it part” is the main culprit here.

The other thought here is, we ourselves don’t care; most of us don’t understand the importance of traffic rules. We never self-police ourselves while on the road, we subject ourselves to the risk, just to save a few minutes to reach on time.

What needs to be done?

As we can assess there are a few solutions,

First, we need follow the rules ourselves, if every person starts to follow the rules, there will be no issues

Second, encourage the youngsters to follow the traffic rules, youngsters if they see you follow the rules, they will do the same, basic traffic education needs to be implemented at grassroot level.

Third, update the traffic laws and make them stricter, make sure everyone knows about them.

Fourth, Authorities needs to be more vigilant and prepared, no offender should be left unpunished.

Simple things can make our roads safe for all. Our Appeal to all: Follow traffic rules, be safe, create a safe surrounding for everyone, support the concerned authorities and government in implementation and mission to sort out the problem.

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