Why do we have a Fuel Tank Shaped Logo? - A Short Story

fuel tank shaped logo


Imagine This! 

You are going for ride, you wear your gear, sit on the Two Wheeler, press start, Twist the throttle, the engine revs up. You smile slowly, double check your riding gloves, you twist the throttle again, absorb the feeling, finally your ride is ready to go. An adventure is going to start. A rider's bliss, isn't it?

Is there something that we missed in all of this, hmmm, this hidden feeling beneath the rev of the engine, twist of the throttle and your smile, is the one part which ignites them all. Can anyone guess.


Let us give you a context to the rant, Get a closer look at your motorcycle and imagine it as your own human body.

Imagine your own veins and arteries, the blood flowing through them. Someone is pumping the blood to every important part of your body. Obviously, you know that! Now relate this with your own motorcycle. Who pumps the fuel inside the engine? Who acts as catalyst for air and spark to collaborate into a loud grandeur blast?

Our guess is, you must have realised by now! Yes, It’s the FUEL TANK itself. The undeterred element.

The deep-lying playmaker who receives the fuel, involves all the engine elements, then begins a mix of air and spark to create a swansong every two wheeler rider loves 'vroom'.

A fuel tank is designed in such a way, it keeps the engine's fuel vented, secure and clean. Yet this contraption has more importance than what meets the eye. Visualize yourself riding a Two Wheeler with a big fuel tank on a scenic route. Suddenly you skid and fall sideways. Alas, your leg doesn't get crushed. Why? This is because the size of your tank created a space for your leg to be secure. Hey! Fuel tank saved the day. and your limb!

Its invaluableness, comes from its mere presence and its unfashionable looks, has substance.

This is the reason A fuel tank Logo, represents our brand:

Our brand logo involves the imagery of a fuel tank too. The idea behind this creation is to reaffirm that the fuel tank is the HEART of the motorcycle. You can check out the Website, the heart logo beats.

For us, the mighty tank logo represents, three things,

first, we want to be in the heart of the motorcycle industry, we want to become the playmaker in the online space that fuels the spark among the members of Motorcycle community.

Second, we want to Help Out anyone who requires our help in this vast maze we call the motorcycle industry.

Third, On top of that; it's all about Riding Everywhere, Taking your Heart Everywhere with you, the reason behind the display of all Sorts of Roads and Curves which you can ride upon creates our Tank. Ride Anywhere on the Road, you take your Heart Everywhere with you.

To Conclude:

Some may dispute this by saying that engine is the heart! Well. even the engine needs the fuel and the provider? Our own truly Sir Fueller Tankington (Our logo Name).

A food for thought right? Do try to channel your inner 'motopsychcle' and you would see another perspective.

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